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About Me

I am a senior consultant in the Neurology service at Leeds General Infirmary and Senior Lecturer in Neurology at the University of Leeds. I was Lead Clinician from 2016-2020. I am a specialist in diagnosing and treating all Neurological conditions.

I graduated with an honours in medicine from Leeds University and also completed a first-class degree in pharmacology, including studying the effects of medications on the brain. I trained as a junior doctor at St James Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary before researching the causes of multiple sclerosis at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University.

As a consultant neurologist at the Neurosciences Centre at Leeds General Infirmary, I have special responsibility for the provision and supervision of treatments for multiple sclerosis, including an active research programme. Over the years I have been an investigator in many pivotal MS treatment trials including Interferon, Tysabri and Teriflunamide.


In my general clinics I see patients with a wide range of conditions including headaches, blackouts and medically unexplained symptoms.

I am married with four daughters. I played bass guitar in a local covers band. I am also a keen member of a crossfit gym. I enjoy watching football with my father who is a lifelong supporter of Grimsby Town.

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